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Small Business Hub


Being an entrepreneur or small business owner
can leave you feeling burned ou


As a fellow entrepreneur, I know sometimes we get so focused on doing business, we don't know what help is out there.

This list of resources is perfect for re-aligning your business vision,
building community, securing a business mentor,
funding, knowledge databases, and hands-on training.

– Maddie Craig 


Local Resources
for Small Businesses

Fargo StartUp Brew
(I can't say enough good things about this free weekly event hands down the BEST way to get fired up about starting your own business. They started up again for 2022 this week.)

ND Women’s Business Center (NDWBC)

ND Women’s Business Center – business resources for women-owned businesses and non-profits in ND. They also have a page specifically for funding.


Operation Intern (ND) - ND will help reimburse you for an intern!


Small Business Development Center Fargo 
(SET UP A FREE appointment with these guys. They'll help you figure out EVERYTHING. I mean everything. Don't know how to do a business plan? Don't know how to register your business with the state? Need help figuring out sales tax? If you live in ND, your income taxes go towards this free service. Take advantage of these dudes!)



Get a free business mentor!

Seriously these volunteers are a-may-zing. They've run their own businesses and retired. They have the experience, and the knowledge, and volunteer to pass it on.


Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corp.

51 Broadway North, Suite 500 Fargo, ND 58102 


She Starts Week

Uffda Academy

Create Smarter with UFFDA!

These hands-on workshops will show you how to identify your audience, write your message, and tell your story. You learn how to create on-brand content with an interactive class with their philosophy of SEE IT. DO IT. SHARE IT. Perfect for small businesses and non-profits!

Featured In 

DonorDock Podcast, Ep 8:
A chapter on nonprofit bookkeeping interview with Maddie Craig, Blue Cyper Bookkeeping


We make bookkeeping easy, efficient and understandable for service-based businesses and nonprofits.

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