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Non-Profit Clients

Let Blue Cypher Bookkeeping help you streamline your financial processes and empower your mission-driven work.

You're going to love our bookkeeping style that guides
you to create sustainable smart habits. And our online system for accessible data, so you're not waiting on the numbers.


We're here to help you tell your story with numbers.

Non-Profit Services

What do you need to keep your donors giving and to expand the reach to meet the needs of your mission?

  • Monthly Bookkeeping/Payroll

  • Monthly Financial Statements

  • Revenue/Expense Allocation

  • Donor Tracking

  • Grant/Restricted Fund Tracking

  • Budget Creation

Featured In: 

DonorDock Podcast, Ep 8:
A chapter on nonprofit bookkeeping interview with Maddie Craig, Blue Cyper Bookkeeping

Doing good isn't something you have to do alone.

Blue Cypher Bookkeeping Recommends

Non-Profit Resources

We've compiled a list of useful resources, just for you!

These resources are perfect for growing your non-profit in efficiency, best practices, and community.

"When you’re in transition, you need systems that are outside of your own head. Read more how Blue Cypher prepared this non-profit."


Investing in bookkeeping training with Blue Cypher was one of the best investments I've made for my business in a long time! 
– Brittany


We make bookkeeping easy, efficient and understandable for service-based businesses and nonprofits.
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