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Tips: Why You Need To Fire Yourself - Personal Note. Image is a photo of an office with cubicles.

When You Need to Fire Yourself

As a business owner and entrepreneur, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of wearing too many hats and trying to “do it all.”  Many of us resist relinquishing control, spending money on help, or delegating critical tasks, thinking “I’m the only one who can do this right."

Over time, this leads to unhealthy extremes — constant 60+ hour work weeks, feeling overwhelmed, missing growth opportunities because our days are dominated by busy work.

I’ve been there myself more than once, taking pride in handling small details but lacking time for big picture leadership duties essential for expansion. Eventually, I realized the solution was counterintuitive but necessary...

I needed to “fire myself” from some roles.

The tendency towards “Do-It-All-Itis” prevents us from using our time and expertise to the greatest effect as owners.  By delegating lower-level tasks, capacities open up to pursue higher leverage activities only we can handle.

The key is honestly assessing where our time goes, determining what to cut, and building trust in other qualified people to handle those responsibilities. It isn’t easy, but freeing yourself from the treadmill of doing too much leads to improved performance, quality of life, and business growth.

Give Yourself the Axe

Take an objective look at how you spend your time and honestly assess if you are still adding value in certain roles.

Stop clinging to tasks for emotional reasons like pride, perfectionism, or distrust. Then have the courage to swing the axe on yourself and deploy your talents to their highest and best use through delegation and focus.

You and your business will be better for it!

Meet The Author

Image is a photo of the author - Maddie Craig

Maddie Craig is the founder of Blue Cypher Bookkeeping, a detail-oriented bookkeeper, and definitely a “numbers nerd”! She is passionate about helping organizations understand the full story of their financials and using it to make more confident decisions and grow strategically. She has experience working with a wide array of clients, including small businesses and non-profit organizations. When not crunching numbers, she and her husband enjoy traveling, being active in the community, and sharing their love for good food with friends and family.

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